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Dec 27, 2010

My 20 Minutes Survey

Trimas diucapkan kepada nurse peribadi aku -yuyuxiaoling a.k.a liyana :p sebab tag nama aku dalam entry dia. Dengan berbesar hati aku menjawab soalan2 dari survey yang beliau dah tag kat aku.

Starting time ; 0633 pm

Name ; Tajul Hidzuan a.k.a Tajul

Brother(S) ; Not sure. Lol

Eye Colour ; Black

Shoe Size : 10' .pls dont misunderstand. This is not an elephant size.Hehe
Hair ; black
Piercings ; nope
What are you wearing right now ; black shirt, blue shorts
where do you live ; Kedah habaq ang
Favourite number ; 4.
Favourite drink ; Asam,milo ais and laici
Favourite Breakfast ; nasi lemak

Have You Ever ;

Broken a bone ; nope.

Been in a police car ; nope

Fallen for a friend ; never!

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time ; yeah.

Swam in the ocean ; For sure..yeah. 
Fallen asleep in school ; always. the best place taking a nap is in the class.
Broken someone's heart ; always. I am a heart breaker. lol.
Cried when someone died ; of course. 
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ; i think no.
Save e-mails ; no.
Been cheated on ; suck and damn hurt. 

What ;

Your room like ; sometimes it look like a 5 star hotel and some time its look like a rubbish.

What is right beside youu ; A lot of toys.Nephew aku punya.

What is the last thing you ate ; Honey Stars.

Who ;

Who did you last yell at ; Lisa Surihani .In my dream.

Who was the last person you dance with Jessica alba

Who last made you smile ; My nephew

Final Question ;

What are you listening to right now ; Dealova - Once

What did you do todayyy ; facebooking, blogging, sleeping,eating.

Are you the oldest ; no. i am the youngest and nice one.

Indoors or outdoors i prefer to choose both.

Todayy You Did ;

Talk to someone you like ; not yet.

Kiss anyone ; yess. my hairy

Sing ; I sing untill someone ask me to stop.Hehe

Talk to an ex ; no.

Miss Someone ;  i do really miss her.But i dont know who is she.
Eat ; nasi lemak,honey star,ice cream .( Thats why im fat)

Last Person Whooo ;

You talked to on the phone ; my mom

Made you cry ; nobody

You went to the mall with my fren.

Who cheered you up ; my badut-syafrein.

Have You ;
Been to Mexico ; for sure.i was born in mexico.:p
Been to USA ; .never want to go there
Randommm ; always do yaww. haha
Have a crush on someone ; yes!
What Book are you reading right now ; i hate book
Best feeling in the world ; fallin in love with Lisa surihani
Future kids name ; dunno yet. 
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; no.i sleep wit real animal such as tiger and bear
What under your bed ; Kurt Cobain body
Favourite sport(s) ; Futsal. Badminton. Kayaking.
Favourite place ; My bed room
Who do you really hate ; Jews
Do you have a job ; i am student
What time is it now ; 0653
with however long it took you to complete this
post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 5 peoples :)

Jangan lupa tinggal kan link kat komen so aku boleh p tgk jawapan.hehe.


yuyu xiao ling said...

wahh3. bilik dia pun cm hotel 5 star?? ee x acii. tiru jawapan sy! haha. owh suka air asam meh? kita serupa. btw thanks tajul.

p/s : where`s my latest salary? im yours private nurse ryte? lol :D

Tajul said...

bukan tiru, tapi betol la.hehehe..welcome..

p/s- potong gaji.sbb ubat nurse bg pahit sangat.

solehsunar said...

da jawab ! hahaha

chegu abbas said...

sat g aku jawab no...nak main futsal sat

ANATI SOKI said...

heheheh..tq for tagging! anat dah penah kena tagg ni. eheh..sudah dijawab dah pun

Tajul said...


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